5 things to do before 2012 is out (such as watch Elf 20 times…)

The New Year is approaching, but here's a few things you might like to try before 2012 is out. Have fun...

1. Watch Elf, at least once a week between now and Christmas. (For a bit of variety you could throw in It's a Wonderful Life, The Sound of Music and even The Wizard of Oz).

[Image: Imdb.com]

2. When the snow comes back, make fairies at the top of Box Hill: Lay down in a pristine patch of snow and flap your arms up and down like wings – the impression you leave will look like a heavenly creature. (Avoid yellow snow!)

3. Lie about your age: You’re never too old to sit on Santa’s knee. He’ll be visiting a department store near you. Just tell them you’re big for your age and head for Father Christmas’s grotto – remember to take your wish list with you and if you haven’t been very good this year, lie some more.

4. Make a snowball granita: Mix together 1.5 oz of Advocaat and 8 oz lemonade. Put it in a Tupperware container and then pop it into the freezer. Stir it every few hours until it has an icy consistency. Serve it as an alternative dessert.

[Image: yumsugar.com]

5. Go for a Boxing Day swim: Yes, seriously. The Tenby Boxing Day swim (pictured, top) has been happening since 1970 and now attracts some 600 Christmas dippers. Fancy dress is optional.

[Image: Tenby.net]

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