California dreaming: Meet Zlatka Paneva, LA’s hottest printmaker…

Zlatka Paneva is the talent and brains behind Los Angeles' hottest artwork, Rococco LA. Her work is a careful balance between colour and design, reality and the surreal. These quirky pieces are intriguing and cleverly detailed and we've fallen for pretty much every one of them. We caught up with Zlatka to talk us through her artwork, love of animals and her future projects...

How did you get started?

All my life I have been an artist. I received my MA in fine art and have not stopped. I started the Rococco-LA series in 2011.

What inspires you in your work?

Life, things I read or hear, things I see around me, my aim is to speak through images. At the moment it's deserts, cacti and Rock & Roll. For me they are symbols of a perfect balance of function, beauty and longevity.

You feature a lot of animals in your designs. Do they have a significance in your life?

I love animals and am fascinated by them. When I was growing up I loved Aesop's Fables and I feel that sometimes it's easier to make a point, express emotions or deliver a message by using animals as characters.

What other artists do you admire?

Magritte, Christian Marclay, Urs Fisher , Richard Prince, there are so many...

How long dies it take to complete a print?

It varies, I begin with an image, phrase or emotion and then I mix reality, images along with my imagination and infuse it with elegance and a sense of humour. This process can takes hours, days, and sometimes even months.

How much does your LA location play a part in your work?

I can't express it better than Edward Abbey: "There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience, and then there is California."

Which is your favourite print?

It's always the last one I work on because I am still emotionally connected with it

Which print is the most popular?

The Happy Elephant - I think it makes people smile.

Any new projects in the pipeline?

I'm working on a new series of artwork with Pottery Barn - I can't reveal any more...but as you can imagine I'm very excited.

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