Take inspiration from Karim Rashid’s Hotel nhow Berlin

At Berlin's cutting-edge Hotel nhow, New York-based designer Karim Rashid has created a bright and playful interior that remains true to his visionary style and radical design principals. Take a closer look here and shop the shade for your own home...

For years now, Berlin has been considered to be at the cutting edge of the global music and culture scene, so what better city to choose for the construction of Europe’s very first music and lifestyle hotel? The Hotel nhow is located on the banks of the river Spree in the Osthafen area between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg (two of the most creative and liveliest districts in Berlin) is the second hotel from the lifestyle brand NH Hotels.

If ever there was an attempt to create a physical incarnation of the creative, dynamic and urban lifestyle of the city, the Hotel nhow Berlin is it. Opened in November 2010, the building was designed by world-renowned architect Sergei Tchoban and is one of the most instantly recognisable buildings in the city.

The architecture, with its clean lines, brick work and glass façade, features an east and a west tower topped with what appears to be a precariously positioned mirrored box. This central upper tower protrudes 21 metres out from the building and appears to float at a height of 36 metres above the river.

But, the somewhat austere exterior of the building is in stark contrast with what lies inside, designed by Karim Rashid. 'A technorganic land of data-driven art and spaces' is how Rashid describes this design project and this is no exaggeration. His digital and energetic designs infuse the whole building, and the moment you step inside, you're transported into the poetic, colourful and slightly surreal world of Karim Rashid.

The digipop design infiltrates each and every room in the hotel and Rashid’s signature amorphous forms are a constant throughout. Speaking of his designs for Hotel nhow Berlin, Rashid says: 'My vision engages technology, visuals, textures, colour, as well as all the needs that are intrinsic to living in a simpler, less cluttered but more sensual environment. Design touches us on every level, and design can continue to define and shape our dimensional interior environments and create new progressive human behaviours and new languages. I always question whether the physical world is as experimential, as seductive, as connective, as inspiring, as personalisable, and customisable as the digital world.'

In this hotel, the physical world does appear to resemble something more digital and Rashid, a DJ himself, often likes to characterize his design principles using made up words such as 'Infosthetic', 'blobject' and 'technorganic', which do tend to describe his approach the design at the Hotel nhow Berlin. Rashid's 'digipop' design is present throughout the hotel from the amorphous reception desk in the lobby, to the anthropoidal bar in gold lacquered fibre glass surrounded by organic-looking and ergonomic formed couches and lounge chairs.

Music fans are obviously drawn to this hotel. It's the only hotel in Europe that has a sound floor offering two professional state-of-the-art recording studios and a music lounge. Then there are six junior suites that are equipped with a Casio digital piano as standard. But if you're not lucky enough to be staying in a junior suite, you can always call room service who will deliver a Gibson guitar or Casio digital keyboard along with an amplifier and headphones to your room free-of-charge. Live gigs are regularly held in the hotel and once a month there is an open mic night. What more could a music  music fan ask for?

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