Interior design trends for 2013

Remember the crushing lecture on why cerulean blue matters delivered by Meryl Streep’s magazine editor to oblivious assistant Andy, played by Anne Hathaway, in The Devil Wears Prada? The point, as we’re sure you recall, was that the colours on the high street don’t get there by accident, and neither are they ‘just blue’ – or any other colour you’d care to mention. But you knew that.

As with fashion, so with interior design, and as we know you’re a million miles from the trickle-down bargain bin end like pre-makeover Andy, here’s a little look forward to the palettes and effects for 2013, care of our friends at Dulux.

The mere mention of the word ‘stenciling’ might bring you out in a slight sweat of anxiety linked as it is with the excesses and temporary feel of the room schemes in the heyday of Changing Rooms. But look at this: the lacework on the catwalk in 2012 has become stenciling on the walls for 2013. All rather lovely.

A palette that includes pastel and fluro colours in pinks and oranges is one for the colour confident, of course. But even if it’s just not a selection you’d lean towards for your home, we think you might like the effect it has in an open-plan space where – let’s face it – a long wall in a neutral shade can prove a bit dull. Hits of harmonious but impactful colours will create character and energy.

Think natural when it comes to interiors, and green seems like the automatic choice – and that’s all very well. But we’d like to put forward this alternative take for 2013 for your earnest consideration. It’s more about the colours of still waters, snowscapes and the shades of dawn and twilight. Definitely a combination that’s a great backdrop to a leisurely soak.

Fancy something a little more uplifting to dress your interiors? Then you may like to prettify your home in the ice-cream colours you’ll be familiar with from Prada’s SS12 collection.

And what’s predicted as the colour of the year? Indigo, say the trend forecasters. We like the richness and elegance of this shade, and its sophisticated feel. And of course, we like it because it’s not just blue.

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