Edited choice: 10 great dining room buys

If your diary is filled with dinner dates and guests are due to visit each weekend until New Year, now’s a good time to get your dining space looking its best. If the endless repeats of Come Dine with Me have taught us anything, it’s that creating a welcoming mood with a charming setting will make your dinner party one to remember, in a good way. So, start with the looks, and then onto the MasterChef books. Here’s a few items to update your dining room and give the space some sparkle. These homewares are all at ACHICA this week...

Image above: Villeroy & Boch's white wine goblets (above). Who wants to drink from a wine glass when you can drink from a goblet?! Create a festive banquet with these pieces, which have brilliantly faceted cuts in the crystal to capture and refract the light, creating a unique diamond-shaped pattern.

Climbing one place to number 9 ...Artisan Chairs dining chairs. These are specially made to ensure the seat pads will remain cushioned and comfy year after year.

Up one place to number 8...Add festive scent with a little help from Stoneglow. The Sandalwood room diffuser and candle smell divine.

At number 7...Add a touch of drama with Seletti's Crystal Skull. It can sit in the corner of the room and greet guests as they enter...

At number 6...Choose Seletti's glassware for a quirky touch.

Sitting pretty at number 5...Add colour to the room with Freya Cummings eye-catching wall art. Chimney Tops is a limited-edition silkscreen print in a series of 38.

At number 4...Dreaming of a white Christmas? Then how about a new white dining table. This glass-top table from Italia Moderna would look great with a silver/white Christmas theme.

Up two places to number 3...Keep your drinks chilled with some clever gadgets. This Ice Appliance Big Chill Drinks Cabinet and Ice Appliance Waterfall Wine Chiller will do the trick.

Looking good at number 2...Oaks Lighting pendants are a sure way to add the wow factor to a dining room setting. One bold colour, such as these purple or green colour ways, will tie the room together and will help to create an enticing setting that will make you want to sit and drink Amaretto with your guests long after dinner has ended.

At number 1...The perfect sight at a dinner party is a box of Maxim's de Paris luxury chocolates...enough said.

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