How can you tell when the Christmas season has started?

The Bonfire Night sparklers may not have finished sizzling yet, but Christmas has officially arrived. You know how you can tell? It's not when you see a man dressed as Santa handing out flyers outside the local shopping centre in August - nope. It's not when the Oxford Street lights get turned on either - no siree. The Christmas season actually starts when you see the supermarket shelves lined with large tins of Quality Street and you find yourself reaching for one and popping it in your trolley, as if a weekly shop of milk, cheese, bread and Quality Street were the norm. This is a pivotal moment when you surrender yourself to the next two months of festive cheer. Fact. The good thing is that this leaves you with two bases covered - the first is that you have an impressive stash of chocolate on hand to offer to any visitors. Nice. The second is that this gives you enough time to pick out all the milk chocolate hazelnut with caramels (aka 'Purple chocs') for yourself and leave the Toffee Pennies and Orange Creams to unsuspecting guests. Sorted.

And so the season to be merry begins for another year. As Christmas gets on the ACHICA Living radar, today we're mostly loving the pretty tree decorations from Waterford and Wedgwood, the made to fit (your name, not your shoe size) Christmas Stockings and The Walnut Tree hampers - all on promotion at ACHICA.

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