Festive wreaths, garlands and cards at the ACHICA Christmas Grotto

Wreaths, tinsel and glitter - it could only mean one thing: Christmas. Last week, ACHICA hosted a Christmas Grotto workshop and invited bloggers to come down and have a go at making wreaths, garlands, Christmas cards and tree decorations. As we love to get creative, we headed down to the Haymarket Hotel to take part in the festive frolics...

Five Dollar Shake was on hand to show us how to add the spesh into special. The team at Five Dollar Shake were on hand to show us how to make luxury greeting cards and because we’re a sucker for pretty sparkly things, we got stuck in straight away.

First we added some glue to the back of the glittery pink cut out of the reindeer. We carefully stuck this down and then added the black felt eyelets on the card. Lastly we dabbed a bit of glue on a white bow and stuck this on the reindeer's neck and our Christmas card was ready to sit and sparkle on the mantelpiece.

We love the scent of Christmas - cinnamon, oranges and cloves make the house smell gorgeous. And what better way to get the house smelling festive than with dried fruit wreaths and table decorations. Experts in the field Konesar were on hand to show us how its dried fruit arrangements are made.

We began by tying a cinnamon stick to the bottom of the string and then we started weaving through our fruit, picking from a variety that included dried pumpkins, orange and apple.

Once finished, we simply knotted the end of the rope with a loop and admired our handy work.

Last but not least, we made a door wreath with a little help from the lovely people at Festive Productions. What began as a simple plain green wreath ended up a colourful and glittery mix of flowers, berries and holly as we tied and clipped various decorations around the wreath.Of course you can add your own ribbon, bows and mix up the colours depending on your own colour theme.

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