Beautiful room inspiration from designer Justin Van Breda

As the stunning JVB Collection of furniture by Justin Van Breda comes to ACHICA this week, we ask founder Justin to show us some of the beautiful rooms he has created. Take a look at a few of his home projects and find out what clever tips we picked up along the way here...

Beautiful rooms

It's unusual to see two similar-sized mirrors side by side above a sofa, but this style statement really works. Can you tell us a bit about this living room and talk us through how you went about choosing the colour scheme and home furnishings?

‘These mirrors are 17th century and actually were the starting point for this room for my client, as she already had the pair,’ says Justin. ’The colour palette started with the frames and the room had to be tranquil and luxurious so we designed a custom sofa with beautiful details. As the room has very subtle tones, the depth is picked out in the shapes and the textures and materials from the bulbous glass lamps, the vellum on the coffee table, the velvet trim on the lampshades and the Venetian sill and linen curtains.’

What has been a personal favourite design project to date?  

‘I think this kitchen (below) was a triumph. I drew the design on a napkin two years before it was complete and it’s just about exactly the same. I love the volume, the mix of traditional and modern, the light, the joinery and the detailing with the lamps. The balance of the joinery design and the display on the open shelving is very pleasing.‘

Indigo is one of this season's hottest colours and we love the way you've mixed it with traditional cushions in this room (below). Do you have any other top tips for decorating with colour and pattern?

'Nicky Haslam, for whom I worked before starting my furniture collection, taught me that patterns should either be en masse and knock each other out if you are using more than one, or be a single statement. Don't dilly dally in the middle. The treatment of fabrics - whether the trim is studwork or pleating or stitching - is what can make an interior feel couture. Don't be afraid of colour and try to see the colours that make up the colours and use that as a guideline to selecting a palette.'

What would be your top interior design tip when designing a large room like this living room and using creams and whites?

'With a very neutral brief, the dark furniture lends a sense of weight and gravitas to the wonderful proportions of this room. The colour tone of the furniture adds a sense of heritage playing off the modern lines, and the creams and whites create a cool palette and lett the architecture of the room and furniture speak for themselves.'

We love how you've displayed the artwork in this home. Can you tell us how you attached them to the mirror and do you have any other tips for  displaying art?

For this my client collected these wonderful old posters, and the glazier drilled the mirror.

Consider your art pieces as collections - grouped by styles, genre and framing. I have a craze at the moment of framing collections, so I have just framed hip flasks and old pocket watches and candle snuffers. They look wonderful grouped together on fabric backings. I also love framing special invitations - like the invitation to the Jubilee Picnic at Buckingham Palace.  I am a big fan of a Rogues' Gallery - family photographs either all the same frame or all the same type of photo (sepia for instance) and then framed differently. Let your art tell a story.

If you have an amazing piece, give it pride of place and light it properly. Always consider scale and also weight.  Pictures look better when hung in relation to other objects and not just put straight on the wall without any thought.

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