Top 10 ways to get a living room you can love

Ever wonder if your living room is suffering from a touch of envy? After all, kitchens and bathrooms are the spaces that sometimes get allocated more of a beautification budget, leaving living rooms without a credit card of their own. So perhaps it's time to give some attention to the living room. Take a look at some design ideas to lavish some love on yours.

Okay, so you’ve got the bag, you’ve bought the accessories, now dress the walls. Orla Kiely’s wallpaper range for Harlequin (pictured above) includes this fabulous Rhododendron design with which you can indulge your love of pattern, and give your living room some personality. Combine with unfussy furniture shapes for maximum effect.

A fireplace is a pretty focal point in any living room, but what comes with the house can often be a bit...blah. We love the gorgeous Art Deco from the Hulanicki collection at Chesney’s, which of course will allow you to indulge in this season’s ultra-glamorous Great Gatsby look as well.

When the weather gets bad your home needs to be a cosy haven. A nostalgic note in your living room scheme is a simple way to achieve this. It will subtly create that feeling of comfort and safety, but look good too, which we’re sure is what you’re after. We think this Edward wallpaper from Sandberg ticks the boxes.

If your living space lacks architectural features, an attractive view, or anything of real distinction, here’s an easy remedy. A book-lined study can be yours,as quickly as you can paste the wall. We’re rather fond of this Ruby colourway for its autumnal warmth, but others are available in this First Edition wallpaper from Prestigious.

Step away from the neutral carpet and treat your living room floor to a classic that you won't tire of. This Herringbone woodblock from Paris Ceramics will look good now and better as it ages, so if you’re staying put, it’s an investment well worth making.

A little glitz, a touch of sparkle, a silvery finish - they’re easy to add, and in the right proportions feel elegant and sophisticated. These cushions are from Voyage Maison and some details like some sparkling crystal on a side table will add to the overall look.

A quick lesson in colour. Although they sit close to each other on the interior design colour wheel, these shades sit serenely together, but in reality they are anything but shy and retiring. Positive proof that you can create a restful living space without resorting to beige. Trellis wallpaper, voile, upholstery and cushions are all from Harlequin.

There’s nothing like button-backed seating for creating a room that’s smart and classic without tiptoeing over the line into fustiness, so if understated class is what you’re after, we’d recommend this descartes sofa.


There’s a reminder for us all in this living room. If you want your space to look contemporary, put patterns together: the same fabric for the drapes and a row of sofa cushions just won’t cut it. And, honestly, it’d be no fun either. Ortega collection, from Romo.

Sometimes you just need pretty things in your life, and this butterfly motif could be the way to bring it to your living room. A stunning colourway is the way to make it modern. As ever, a fantastic fabric at the window is a great way to distract from an outlook that’ll always be an ugly duckling. Kabuki collection from Villa Nova.

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