8 ways to spend that extra hour when the clocks go back (apart from sleep!)

The clocks have gone back, which means we get an extra hour in bed. But if sleep isn't at the top of your agenda, here's some suggestions on what to do with that extra 60 minutes...

1. Need some downtime? Then give yourself a relaxing face massage. Focus on one area at a time, use the tips of your fingers to put gentle pressure on the area and then rub it in a circular motion gently applying pressure. Key areas to focus on are the sides of your nose, between the eyes and the edges of the bridge of the nose. If you’re suffering from headaches, massaging the temple and hairline should help relieve any tension and don't forget the jawline too for stress-busting relief.

2. Feeling inspired by the fluffy fondants and more-ish macaroons featured on The Great British Bake Off? Then use the hour for some quality baking time. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh baking to get the household troops up and looking bright...

3. Get organised and rearrange your storage solutions. Put away the floral maxi dresses and onesies and get your wardrobe in check for winter by hanging up those cosy woollies and the must-have chunky knits of the season.

4. Have you been dreaming of sun, sea and sand? Like the sound of sipping Pina Coladas in the Caribbean? It doesn't take long to book your summer holiday online.

5. Want to stay in shape but can't be bothered with the gym? Why not get fit with some household chores - dusting, mopping, polishing and sweeping are great for keeping the arms in shape, while doing the laundry helps with bending, stretching and toning the thighs.  Meanwhile, running up and down the stairs is a good aerobic workout in itself!

6. If you’ve got garden envy from your neighbours perfectly pruned bushes, then grab your gloves and boots and make a beeline for the back door. Now's a great time to plant daffodils, tulips and hyacinths to ensure your garden will be in full bloom next spring. You can read our full article on 10 ways to get your garden ready for winter here

7. Create a 3-course meal with a little help from everyone's favourite chef, Jamie Oliver. His 30-minute meals may take us slightly longer to prepare but are well worth the effort. Jamie Oliver's Mushroom Farfalle, blue cheese, hazelnut and apple salad is easy to make and should go down a treat before you settle down for another episode of Dragons’ Den.

8. And finally, get your Christmas shopping sorted online. With 57 days left until Christmas, it's a good time to get your festive thinking hat on and wow your friends and family with a thoughtful pressie…and while you’re at it, get your own list going too! Shop at ACHICA for Wedgwood Tableware, Christmas gifts, Opulent Emporium mirrors and more beautiful homewares...

Tick tock...don't forget to change your clock when they go back. Update your clock with stunning designs from Roger Lascelles, Karlsson and Progetti, all on promotion at ACHICA.

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