Meet designer Rachel Powell and her magical mid-century modern style

We recently stumbled across print designer Rachel Powell's latest collection of bold and retro patterns and we loved what we saw, don't you? She uses subtle colours to make a mid-century modern statement. We got chatting to her to her to find out more. . .


What inspires you?

I live in a dilapidated cottage on a farm in Surrey, which had the original 70s bathroom and kitchen when I moved in, which I love. That inspired me to create similar furnishings that would work in my home. It's also hard to ignore the natural surroundings when living on a farm so I try and incorporate as much of it in my work - hence the tractor designs.

What's your favourite design?

The Woodstock print is probably my favourite. It was my first design and even though I've used it in my house I've never tired of it (despite it giving me a real headache when designing it).

What's the best thing about being a designer?

Where do I start? There’s so much. I get to visually express myself and by doing this create a picture of my personality. My life is an on-going project, there’s always a problem to be solved or think about so it keeps me busy and I'm never bored.

Do you have a top design tip? 

I would say mix things up. You may think you need to keep things safe and stay neutral but this can sometimes become too predictable. Add something old or vintage to give your interior some character.

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