Interview: Designer Tamasine Osher talks logs, lighting and latest range

Tamasine Osher is a London-based designer who, inspired by her background in architecture, creates beautiful and functional furniture such as the clever and space saving Pedal Pod - a walnut bicycle rack with handy shelf unit. How wonderful is that. She has also designed pieces such as the attractive steel and wood Spring Stool and a stunning range of wooden pendant lighting. ACHICA Living caught up with Tamasine at recent design show Tent London to take a closer look and coo over her designs...

Interview with Tamasine Osher

Describe your style

The general ethos behind my designs is to try and use unexpected or tactile elements so that the user can engage with the product. I combine unusual materials and like to have them on display  rather than concealing them.

Tell us about your latest collection

My latest designs include the spring stool, which I say are a marriage between the screw and spring. Both of these elements are usually concealed in furniture but here I’m celebrating them. I also have created a range of fun, pendant lamps made from oak.

What was your inspiration behind the stools?

I had the idea of the spring stools while I was writing my master’s thesis in furniture design. It was about engaging and celebrating incongruousness and combining material and styles. I wanted to mix something hard and soft. So in the stools you have a hard industrial steel and soft, light, grained maple wood that creates a perfect contrast.

And your personal favourite piece?

At the moment I love my new lampshades because they are all hand turned and individual in their own way. When you start with just a piece of log you never quite know what you’re going to end up with. The whole process can take a whole day and I’ve had lots of disasters, but it’s worth every second.

What’s the best thing about being a designer?

It has to be the freedom to design what I want. I also love exhibiting my products and seeing the reactions.

What's your top interior design tip? 

Don’t think about fashion. People look at what’s fashionable and then a year later they may not like it any more  The idea behind my furniture is to create things that are not in fashion but something you can engage with and keep forever.

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