Easy, and eerie, weekend baking: How to make Eyeball Cake Pops and Ghost Cupcakes

Follow our easy recipes for ghoulish Ghost Cupcakes and Eerie Eyeball Cake Pops. They're great fun to make with the kids this weekend...

Ingredients for the Cake Pops and Cupcakes 

125g of caster sugar

125g margarine

100g self raising flour

30g cocoa powder

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

A touch of red food colouring (half for the cupcakes and half for the cakepops)

For the buttercream icing:

125g softened butter

250g sifted icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

For the decorations you will need:


White ready roll fondant icing

100g white chocolate

Edible ink pens (black and red)

Lollipop/cakepop sticks (both the pens and the sticks can be bought from all good cake stores or online)

Green/blue or brown fondant icing for the iris of the pupils in the cakepops


Mix all the main ingredients together until well combined.

Once they are completely mixed together, spoon half of the mixture into six cupcakes cases or a muffin tray and the other half of the mixture in to a well greased baking tin (any shape) and place into a pre-heated oven. Dependant on your oven, 180-200 degrees for 10-12 mins turning oven tray around once to avoid oven blind spots then another 10-12 mins.

For the ghoulish Ghost Cupcakes: 


Once the cupcakes have been cooked, leave them to cool and prepare your decorations.

If you are making your own buttercream do it while your cakes are cooling - simply mix all the ingredients together. Alternatively, you can use a ready made buttercream, which can be bought in most supermarkets.

Before you start decorating the cupcakes, use icing sugar to dust your work surface and rolling pin to stop the icing from sticking. Start rolling out some white fondant icing into thin squares of approximately 2-3inches in length and width. Don't turn the icing over after each roll, just turn it 180 degrees around on the same side. This way you get an even roll and the top side remains smooth and clean of icing sugar spots.

Once the cupcakes have cooled, spoon on enough buttercream to cover the cupcake.

Stick a large marshmallow in the centre of the cupcake and the buttercream will hold it in place.

Then simply place a square of rolled icing over it, creating the shape of a ghost.

To create the eyes, use a black edible ink pen. You can alternatively use black liquid food colouring and a paint brush just as well.

Just a few easy steps and you have created some great ghoulish cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

For the eerie Eyeball Cake Pops 


With the rest of the mixture cooked in a tin you can make your Eyeball Cake Pops.

Once again the sponge must be completely cooled before you begin.

Cut the cake into two or four.

Holding a piece of cake in each hand rub the sponges against each other over a large bowl, this will break the sponge into crumbs, do this until all the sponge has turned into a bowl full of crumbs.

With the left over buttercream from the cupcakes add a small amount of red food colouring to colour the buttercream. Mix a tablespoon at a time of the buttercream into the cake crumbs until the crumbs are completely stuck together with the red buttercream.

Now roll into eerie eyeballs.

Leave to chill in the fridge while you prepare your white chocolate.

Break the white chocolate into small pieces into a small microwaveable bowl. Microwave for 1-2 minutes or until the chocolate at the bottom has melted but there are still a few chunks at the top. Then take out and stir, the chunks will melt from the heat of the melted chocolate beneath them. This will prevent the chocolate burning as overheating will make it unusable.

Once the chocolate has melted, dip one end of a cakepop stick into the chocolate and then poke this into a rolled cake pop - the chocolate should bind the stick to the pop.

Then holding the stick carefully, dip the entire cakepop into the melted white chocolate - do not stir just dip in and take out.

Slowly hold upright and rotate the stick so any excess chocolate drips off back into the bowl.

Repeat process with all the cakepops placing into a drinking glass to keep them upright and place them into the fridge to chill (anything from 30 minutes to overnight depending on your time constraints).

For the eyes, carefully roll out very small circles of coloured royal icing for the iris (green shown here) and also roll out tiny balls of white for the reflection fleck in the pupil. This will really bring the eyeball to life.

Flatten the ball of icing and press onto the cakepop. The stickiness of the icing will stick this to the chocolate covered cake pop.

Use the black edible ink pen again to draw on the pupil and then added the white fleck of icing.

For the finishing touches use a red edible ink pen to draw wavy lines around the eye to recreate veins.

Finally, bite into the eyeball and see the blood red sponge inside for a really creepy red cake pop surprise!

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