New designers lighting the way at 100% Design

Work from new designers and recent graduates is like a peek into the future - a great way to predict upcoming trends. So what better time to go trend spotting than the London Design Festival? ACHICA Living headed down to one of the main shows, 100% Design, to the Emerging Designers section and the International Pavilion to see what we could find.

A key trend we spotted was self-assembly lighting – driven by a desire to limit the number of components and therefore waste; and to make transportation cheaper and more energy efficient.

David Irwin has created a light from a single sheet of metal cut at alternate angles, so the pieces fit together into a cone shape. It’s held together with just one additional part - a small hexagonal disk - and two silicon bands that are available off the shelf for pennies.  He spoke about the desire to limit waste, not only for environmental reasons, but also to keep production costs low. The result is a timeless considered piece of design. The images are of prototypes – the eventual product will be finished in black.


Next we saw Craig Foster’s Kurk Lamp. He chose cork because it’s a sustainable material and not one you usually associate with desk lamps. But his key driver was to make a lamp from as few components as possible.

"Kurk was inspired by taking other desk lights apart, and discovering the amount of unnecessary parts, fixtures and glues that were being used - the average was over 30 parts," says Craig. “The aim was to use the minimum amount of parts, without compromising on the personality and character of the product. The assembly avoids the use of any external fixtures or glues, and they come flat-packed to save space and packaging material.”

Because the customers assemble the light themselves, he’s also confident they will take it apart and recycle it and the end of its life.

One Piece of Lamp (below) by Studio Inbetween is a light that uses just a single sheet of aviation ply (or plastic), cut in such a way as to extend it and give it flexibility. It doesn’t come much more flat packed that this!

So keep your eyes out for self-assembly lighting, made from as few components as possible – it’s the next big thing!

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