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Admirers of stunning kitchens will remember the fabulous designs of Mick de Giulio. Designer-in-demand Mick recently created the Kitchen of the Year for American House Beautiful and visitors flocked to the space in Rockefeller Plaza, New York City. Here are some rather lovely pictures of it that will either give you plenty of ideas, or just have you politely drooling.

We have fallen for this kitchen (pictured above) Why? Because while obviously practical, it’s gorgeous, and a room you’d be delighted to spend time in. Lessons to learn for your own space: if you want everyone to congregate in the kitchen, make it glamorous and provide them with a nicely upholstered seat. After all, no one wants to perch on an unforgiving hard surface for long.

This is a butler’s pantry. Like us, you may have neither the need nor the space for one of these in your home. But if you don’t have a kitchen as big as you’d like, it is great inspiration. Glass-fronted wall cupboards and pale finishes keep it light and bright, and the fabulous ceiling proves you can create a show-stopping feature even if your room is on the bijou side.

Open shelving can create a professional restaurant kitchen feel, but the polished finish of these makes them look special for a home. They’re a great idea for those who love to cook and entertain because everything you need is to hand and your plates, pans and glasses won’t have time to gather dust. For the out-all-the-time or untidy, they’re not such a good option. Incorporate or avoid according to personality.

A wall of appliances is a favourite in today’s kitchen designs, but we bet you haven’t seen many in such a spectacular setting, which makes the whole area light and sparkling.

Putting to one side our new-found hankering for a view in central New York from the kitchen window, what we like here is the sink colour. But it doesn’t have to be the sink – the idea to take on board is the unexpected feature that can make your room special.

The kitchen of the year isn’t just a kitchen, of course, and here’s a dining space with an intimate and relaxed feel. Your chairs don’t have to match, and even the chandelier dials down on the glamour.

A nice lesson in how to go open plan. The dining space flows into the seating area, linked by colour and texture, and looks comfortable and welcoming. And even though this kitchen is an exhibit, we like the fact that the TV is there. After all, it would be in most homes. Wall-hanging means it doesn’t dominate the space, though, as it’s never the prettiest feature in the room.

Photography by House Beautiful/Chris Eckert

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