App of the Week: Dip into Diptic

The need to post and pin your favourite images has become quite the craze with the arrival of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We knew it wouldn't be long before smartphone apps caught on. First there was Instagram and now there's Diptic. The app is a really easy-to-use photo and video tool, which lets you arrange between one and five images into a single frame. There are 52 layouts and you can edit each image as you go tweaking the brightness, mirroring the image and adjusting the border colours. It’s basically a hassle-free way of making your own photo album and turning your phone into an art-making machine.

Once you’ve finished you can save the frame and export it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr. Because I’ve downloaded the app onto my iMac, I can even save my masterpieces and print the finished result or use if for a blog posts.

I’ve started creating picture montages of my daughters for their journals - it’s a great way to tell a story and it will work equally well for photos of family gatherings and parties, as it will for professional projects. If you do decide to download it, I think it could be the best 69p you spend this week...

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Emma Morton Turner, Guest Editor

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