20 questions with homewares designer Catherine Tough


As her range comes to ACHICA this week, designer Catherine Tough is our latest 20 Questions victim. With her modern twist on traditional craft, she’s famous for knitted flamingos, quirky owls and calming lavender scented creations. But who would be her top six fantasy dinner guests? We find out!

1. Cats or dogs?

Cats, every time.

2. The Beatles or The Stones?

The Stones.

3. Asterix or Tintin?


4 Helvetica or Arial?


5. Interiors – dark and moody or light and airy?

Light and airy

6. Star sign


7. Six fantasy dinner party guests?

Miss Marple (in case there's a murder)

Michael Jackson (just to see)

Sir Tim Burners-Lee (the world wide web has changed the world and I want to see what he makes of it)

Vivienne Westwood (I like her)

Michael MacIntyre (he makes me laugh)

…and Jamie Oliver (so he can rescue me with a 30 minute meal if my cooking goes wrong!)



8. What was the last thing you bought?

Packaging materials online at midnight... the work is never done!

9. Introvert or extrovert?


10. Sweet or Savoury?

Both unfortunately!

11. When was the last time you cried?

In my sister’s car listening to her first dance choice for her wedding.

12. Tea or coffee?

Tea (and a biscuit!)

13.Dress up or dress down?

Dress down

14. Library or nightclub?


15. Which song do you play when you need cheering up?

A bit of Luther Vandross - cheesy but cheerful and it works every time.

16. Favourite book?

Any crime novel, but I’m very partial to a Henning Mankell.

17. Top interior design tip?

Keep it simple – and only buy things you really love.

18. When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?

As a child of the 80s I wanted to be a lawyer with an Armani suit, didn't quite work out that way.

19. What are you afraid of?

Getting more grey hair and rats...or a grey haired rat – terrifying!

20. And finally, what’s your favourite colour?

I don't have a favourite, but today it would be the blue used on Greek churches... I’m dreaming of summer holidays.


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