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When you’re revamping your kitchen, there’s nothing like getting an eye-full of the trends out there before deciding on a look. It’s the best way of spotting clever design features – and you can keep your unsuitable shoes on because you won’t need to trail up the high street looking for ideas. Here’s our favourite top 10 kitchen designs…

The look: This style (pictured above) is for those who put space and airiness higher on their most-wanted list rather than a place for their tableware. The lacquered glass in white is super sleek and sophisticated, and we like the way it’s featured on the wall units and  surface tops. A great colour and finish if your kitchen windows could be mistaken for portholes.

(Top image: Kalea Kitchen, NGI Design)

The look: Ditch the handles and you’ll never snag your clothes again– unless you leave a drawer unclosed. It’s high gloss too, a finish with practicality and mileage. A larder that you pulls out towards means no more rummaging at the back for the tin that time forgot.

(Above image: Alpha Lack, Nolte Küchen)

The look: Grey - it’s the new neutral! You’ve seen how good it looks as part of your other decorating schemes, and it works in the kitchen as well. Avoid all the leg dangling of a breakfast bar, and incorporate a table and chairs at the end of the peninsula to complete the look.

(Above image: Remo in grey, Second Nature)

The look: For the colour confident, there’s no reason not to be as bold in your kitchen as you would be in other areas of your home. Just make sure your choices are complementary. Different shades are great if you want to define the distinct areas of an open-plan space.

(Above image: Linear kitchen in grey and pink, Harvey Jones)

The look: If 2 tone still equals The Specials for you, it’s time to enter the bold new century and think kitchen cabinetry instead. A combination of grained wood veneers in a pale and richer shade has the warmth of a wood look, but a contemporary effect. The asymmetry of the wall units is an appealing alternative to a military row of doors.

(Above image: Saraya Almond & Chestnut kitchen, Caple)

The look: Is high gloss becoming a bit too high street for your tastes? Then get fashion-forward with a super matt finish instead. Team two neutral tones to create a bespoke feel for your kitchen.

(Above image: Zeluso in Coffee Light and Black, Crown Imperial)

The look: We know... you like contemporary kitchens, but sometimes they just feel a little hard-edged to you. And so, here we have the best of both worlds with an elegant combination of classic and modern. Glamorous lighting over the island just makes it feel like a space for get-togethers.

(Above image: BeauxArts.02, SieMatic)

The look: Not one, not two, but three finishes. And why not? Mixing materials can make a far more interesting kitchen especially if it’s in full view and part of an open-plan room. Those handles are rather natty – a simple way to give your kitchen distinction.

(Above image: Bleached Oak Stained Veneer, Anthracite Painted Veneer and Pergamon Gloss, Cucina Colore)

The look: A fabulous splash of retro-inspired colour. Unlike a pair of velvet bell bottoms, this blast from the past works beautifully and it’s the perfect shade to create an energetic atmosphere. A raised breakfast bar conceals any work surface clutter.

(Above image: Classic-FF/Esprit in Saffron, Leicht)

The look: You’re not shy and retiring, so don’t let your kitchen fade into the background. Pristine white and a flash of colour – proportions of each of your own choosing –is a good way to grab attention. Think lighting. Downlighters make your worktop safe, and plinth lighting is great for creating atmosphere.

(Above image: Ibsen and Aubergine, Wren Kitchens)

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