A flat white and biscotti with Tom Faulkner & a peek at his latest designs

We do love a coffee break here at ACHICA Living. And more importantly, we love meeting our favourite designers. Put the two together and we're in heaven. This week we’ve been chatting to British designer Tom Faulkner. He’s the kind of furniture designer you wish you had on hand from the moment you moved into a new house. His designs are sleek and modern, yet timeless. We're sure you'll agree. Nearly all his furniture is made in the UK and mostly in Tom Faulkner’s Wiltshire workshop by skilled craftsmen. ACHICA Living caught up with Tom to talk inspirations and favourite finds and have a sneaky preview of his latest collection that will be launched at Decorex 2012 interior design show this September.

Did you always want to be a furniture designer?

No, but I always liked making things and solving problems. If I didn’t design furniture I would have liked to design cars. The first thing I designed was a coffee table with a painted top. I still have the top... somewhere.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Everywhere, from very large things like buildings and bridges to small patterns and motifs in nature. Things leap out at me.

What do you do for fun?

Play the guitar.

What’s your favourite restaurant?

Boisdale of Belgravia. Great atmosphere, music and food. I like to entertain, but have a smallish flat so am restricted.

How would you describe your interior style?

Strong and restrained. I have just painted my flat very dark grey. Very dark!

When it comes to your designs – which pieces are your favourites?

The Capricorn oval dining table. I love the proportions as it’s perfect for so many occasions. I like to work with metal, but I am slowly branching out into wood and other materials because of the design opportunities they both offer. Particularly wood, as it can play a structural role in a design, whereas this is more difficult with glass. And the warmth and tactility of wood is very attractive.

What do you wish you had designed?

Brno dining chair by Mies van der Rohe. It’s simple, elegant and beautiful, as well as very comfortable.

[Image above: Mies van der Rohe in Brno dining chair - image taken from Chancenarrative.com]

How long have you been working on the new collection, which will be lauched at Decorex interior design fair 2012?

Since September last year. Inspiration for the designs came from all around me before evolving into designs that formed my collection.

Do you have a large team of designers and craftsmen?

Not really. I design on my own and with others but have ambitions to work with more people. The workshop in Wiltshire is fairly small but very skilled. Some of our higher volume items such as chairs are made for us in a workshop in Italy.

Your Capricorn lamps are fantastically tall. How important is scale when it comes to your designs?

The lamps are tall – but they come in other sizes as well. Scale is always important, but proportion is the key.

Tell us about the Madison design.

Madison is a very classic table. It is very well proportioned and fits very well in almost any interior and people like it because it’s so light and doesn’t dominate a room.

What’s next on the To-Do list for Tom Faulkner ?

We have lots of new wooden tables on the agenda, as well as wood and metal chairs.

See Tom Faulkner’s new designs at Decorex International from 23rd September.

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