Enjoy the closing ceremony with this London 2012 Olympic Torches recipe

The Olympic flame has been burning brightly since the opening of the Olympic games nearly two weeks ago. Many of you may have even caught a glimpse of it near your home town, so it will be sadly missed when it will be extinguished at the closing ceremony this weekend to mark the end of the games. Not ready to say goodbye quite yet? You can make some Olympic torches of your own. And, if you make our Team GB cake recipe too, you can use the left over sponge for this recipe...

Olympic Torches recipe


125g butter

250g sifted icing sugar

Red and yellow food colouring

1 disposable piping bag with nozzle (1M most popular)

Flat-bottom ice cream cones

2 bowls and spoons


Mix the icing sugar and butter until well combined and divide between the two bowls. Stir in the yellow food colouring to one bowl and the red and yellow together into the other bowl to make a nice flame orange colour.

To fill your piping bag easily, drop the nozzle into the bag and then place the bag into a tall glass folding the top of the bag over the rim of the glass. This will open out the piping bag easily for you, leaving your hands free to fill the bag with icing, Spoon in the yellow icing on one side and the orange icing on the other. (See picture) This will give you the desired effect of the flame for your Olympic torch.

Using your left over sponge, half fill your cone with sponge and then pipe a splodge of icing on top, then fill the rest of the cone with more sponge until it reaches the top. (See picture).

Now, starting in the middle and working your way out squeeze your piping bag with small short pressure bursts to create the flames for your Olympic torch.

Now you can have your very own edible torches and celebrate the closing ceremony in style... But don't forget you can keep these flames going for a little while longer, we still have the Paralympics 2012 to come!

Want to know how to make the Team GB 3-tiered cake pictured above? Follow the recipe here

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