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Graduate design shows are a great place to spot the talent and the trends of the future. Recently, ACHICA Living spent a day at “the UK’s most important graduate exhibition” - New Designers - so we put together a list of top five designers to watch:

How many times have you woken up and starred at your wardrobe not knowing what to wear?  Zoe Tynan-Campbell offers a beautifully simple solution. Her laser cut Birch hangers (pictured above) make planning a week’s outfits in advance easy...

Rowan Allen’s quirky little boats concept is that people can write their concerns down onto a piece of paper, fold it into a boat, and “Let It Go” into the water, setting their boat and their worries free.

Meanwhile Henry Williams’ Arc Table and Chair were representative of a trend seeing a return to natural materials. Obviously inspired by bent wood-fans like Frank Gehry and Tom Raffield who have gone before him, his interpretation of steam bending offers comfort for everyone.

Leaving no doubt about the innovation of today’s student talent was Simon Lock-Wheaton and his Pop On Lights. He has created conductive ink – so you can draw an electrical circuit using one of his pens, add light bulbs and you have your very own lights We’re already imagining the possibilities for interior design, but perhaps the most important application of this product will be in education.

And finally, we can’t get enough of Matthew Cox’s rather fabulous chair, which is not only a joy to behold, but perhaps surprisingly, also a joy to sit in.

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