Core Bamboo does cool, colourful and eco-friendly kitchenware

We’re a sucker for a kitchen gadget here at ACHICA Living, so it's no surprise that Core Bamboo’s range at ACHICA grabbed our attention this week. Ranging from sharing bowls, to servers and lightweight party plates, Core Bamboo’s product range is perfect for get togethers with friends and family as well as everyday kitchen use. And if the sun fails to show up, you can mix and match the colours to bring a bit of zing to your summer gatherings. Ever used bamboo in the kitchen? Here's why we think it makes a great choice:

Its bamboo products are made all over the world by an “experienced team of hard-working artisans.” The company sees it as their responsibility to ensure safe working environments for their team and also to invest in proper housing, medical care and recreational spaces. Core Bamboo's products are 100% organic and they also use recycled and eco-friendly packaging.

When it comes to the environment, bamboo is a great choice. It is a member of the grass family, not a tree, and its incredibly fast growth rate (some varieties can grow by a metre in 24 hours) means it’s very sustainable as a source of wood. Virtually every part of it can be used for everything from flooring to chopsticks. It gives out 35% more oxygen than the equivalent amount of trees, so it helps to reduce our carbon footprint and if that wasn’t enough, it’s naturally anti-bacterial and one of the strongest and lightest materials around - in Hong Kong they even use it for building scaffolding for skyscrapers.

Fun facts about bamboo:

  • The Madake variety only flowers once every 120 years, and then goes to seed and dies.

  • Pandas eat rats, mice, pikas (an animal similar to a rabbit), insects and other vegetation as well as bamboo.

  • Bamboo shoots are poisonous raw and have to be boiled before you can eat them, to steam off the hydrocyanic acid. This leaves them with little nutritional value, but do they taste good in stir-fry.

  • Bamboo dates back 30 to 40 million years making it the world’s most ancient grass.

  • More than a billion people across the globe live in bamboo houses.

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