Top 10 tips to give your bed linen a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T

How can you get your bed linen to look as chic and inviting as it does in your favourite hotel? That's the million pound question. Unfortunately we can't offer you Mary Poppins' number on speed dial, but there are some sure-fire ways to make your bed more inviting and give it that beautiful boutique finish. The first thing to do is invest in some quality bedding. Sanderson brings classic English country design and just the right amount of hotel-style (pictured above). Meanwhile Paoletti really knows how to make a statement with bright bold bursts of colour in its Tilly range.

But sometimes it's the simple look that creates the most impact. Try the Paco range from Bianco bed linen for a good result.

Follow our top 10 bed linen care tips to help create your own luxury hotel bed. Then just add room service.

1. Read the care labels and follow the instructions on the bedding packages before washing your linen - it sounds obvious, but care labels usually provide specific details based on the fabric type, thread count, materials and colours.

2. Instead of ironing all your linen, to save time just iron the top section of you flat sheet. It will be crisp when you turn it over the top of your duvet.

3. Buy a bottle of scented ironing spray and spritz your bed linen while making the bed - you can also refresh the scent as and when you need.

4. If it's sunny outside wash your bed linen and hang it on the washing line. This will make your whites whiter as sunlight is a natural sanitizing and bleaching agent so it's perfect for killing bacteria.

5. Another obvious one, but all bedlinen should be separated into light or dark colours.

6. If using a tumble dryer, do not over dry laundry. Remove it immediately, smooth out and reshape everything to reduce creasing.

7. For best results, iron bedlinen whilst still slightly damp.

8. To give a super crisp finish, use spray starch when ironing.

9. If the item is embroidered or embellished, iron this area on the reverse to enhance and protect it.

10. The most wear and tear comes from your bottom sheets and pillowcases so get organised and buy an extra set.

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