5 top tips for adding colour to your home

Marianne Shillingford is Creative Director of Dulux and following her Live Q&A on the ACHICA Facebook page last week, she’s back with some more great tips on colour and design and how to make the most out of your living space. What's more, we've teamed up with Dulux to offer one lucky ACHICA Living reader a personalised design consultation with Marianne herself. You can enter the competition here

1. The secret to creating a successful colour scheme is to choose colours that suit your home, your style and your personality. Strong, gutsy colours are ideal for zoning and highlighting feature areas. Clean, crisp, zingy colours with high light-reflective values help make rooms appear bigger. You can check the light reflective value (LRV) of a colour on the stripe card. It’s the two digit number between 0-100 just before the forward slash and the higher it is, the more light it will reflect. A slightly greyed off colour will create a cosy relaxed environment that is perfect for laid-back family living and the more muted sophisticated shades are much-loved by designers for adding effortless elegance to traditional heritage-style interiors as well as urban apartments.

2. For a toning colour scheme, you can pick different colours from the same stripe card to decorate different elements of the room – you can use these colours for accessories too.

For a contrasting scheme with a bit more drama, choose colours that lie opposite each other on the colour wheel. Use one as the main room colour and the other as an accent colour to get the best effect.

For a harmonising colour scheme, combine colours that are next to each other on the colour unit or colour wheel. Choose a favourite colour and pick ones to the left and right of it for a lovely range of shades that work perfectly together. You can use the whole harmonious palette across the walls, furniture and accessories too.

3. Colour always looks different on a small colour chip than it does on your walls because it’s expanded over a bigger space that will be seen in a number of different lighting conditions. So order testers before you buy.

4. Try creating a bold feature wall in a colour you love. You can create a considered contemporary look by teaming it with a sophisticated neutral. The Dulux Feature Wall range currently includes two of my favourite colours of the moment: Moroccan Flame and Sumptuous Plum. Use gorgeous subtle creams and neutrals to help perfectly balance the intensity of your feature wall.

5. For instant impact with minimal effort, create pockets of visual delight using wallpaper or clever painted features to define different zones in an open-plan space. Experiment with sheen levels too. Velvety flat matt is a designer’s dream because it shows the colours off to maximum depth and intensity and masks imperfections on the walls too. Try Satinwood on the woodwork in the same colour as the walls for a truly contemporary modern looking space.

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