10 ways to…let the outside in

Whether you live in the smartest street in your city, face a gorgeous garden or simply overlook the main road, there are ways to incorporate the elements of the outside world into your home. Blurring the boundaries is the trick, so check out our ideas for a little inspiration.

Stating the obvious, curtains that are so full they still cover half the window even when you pull them back aren’t going to let the outside in. Try chic sheer sliding panels instead. The ones pictured above are made in fabrics from the Momentum Sheers & Structures collection, Harlequin.

Low furniture good, high furniture bad. The light and the view won’t be improved by high-backed seating, so it’s time to wave goodbye to previous purchases and invest in something contemporary.

Even the most unpromising outside can come in. The knack is to make it rather more ethereal through your use of curtain treatment. Nets are a no-no, but your modern sheers are really rather fabulous, such as this Trellis design, Momentum Sheers & Structures collection, Harlequin (pictured above).

The other remedy for an unpromising view? If it’s yours, you have the power. Look through the window and make that your frame, then get going with the planters, creating an outside that’ll grab attention from indoors. For those who lack green fingers, garden sculptures and weatherproof canvases are your friends.

To state the rather obvious but worth repeating: don’t let your choice of window stop the outside in its tracks. A Swedish blind, such as this one in Butterfly Dance in Pigeon/Teal and Simple Ticking in Teal, the Hand Printed collection, Vanessa Arbuthnott will roll up to where you need it and frame your view.

Laying the same flooring outside and in will blur the boundary between indoors and out in a space-creating way. Just make sure you choose a floor tile that’s made to cope with the worst of the weather. The folding sliding doors above are from Apropos.

Though we’ve had a welcome brief interval of warm weather, opportunities to eat in the garden are dwindling. However, you can get the same feeling by making sure your dining table is as close to the outside as possible. Time for that kitchen extension? This conservatory is by Westbury Garden Rooms.

A rather more literal take on letting the outside in is to open the whole side of your house to the garden and include a glass roof, too. This kitchen extension is from Apropos.

Go greener. No, we’re not talking eco shopping, but unless your garden is fashioned from fake shrubs and flowers, there will come a time when it looks, well, browner. A lovely foliage print like this Calliope from Harlequin at the window will tide you over.

Ditch the distractions, and make sure your seating area is all about looking at the view, not at the big black telly box – unless you want the outside in your home to be what you see on screen. This orangery is from Westbury Garden Rooms.

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