A few of my favourite things by Margo Selby

Designer Margo Selby creates bold and luxurious three-dimensional fabrics in fashion accessories and homewares, including cushions, rugs and wallpapers. Here she tells ACHICA Living what makes her tick…

‘I’m currently really into the Bauhaus weavers. My next collection of fabrics is Bauhaus inspired and I am very excited to be on the loom sampling my ideas these days.

At the moment, my favourite personal design is 'Cleopatra'. I knew I loved it and that it was destined to be one of our classic fabrics, which will remain in the collection for years so I named it after my daughter.

I really loved the Islamic inspired fabric, which I created as an exclusive for the British Museum shop for their 'Shah Abbas – remaking of Iran' exhibition. The mosaics and colours of that architecture are breathtaking and it was fun translating the motifs into my silk and Lycra designs.

My favourite way to get inspired is to look on the internet and source ideas, seeing all the beautiful images that are available to us from every corner of the earth!  I record a lot on pinterest and like looking at other people's pages to see how people put ideas together. Having said that, I do love getting out and about in London - you can't beat getting inspired from visiting a museum or gallery and this year has brought so many incredible shows!

I love handmade ceramics – I eat and drink out of an eclectic range of handmade contemporary ceramics that I swap or buy from other makers I meet when exhibiting my textiles. I am building an extraordinary collection of beautiful ceramics, most made in the UK, which I see as being heirlooms of the future that I can pass down to my daughter one day and further generations.

My best piece of advice for homeowners is don’t try to design your house in one go.  In my opinion, the best designed homes grow over time organically. Live in them and make choices instinctively and with passion responding to both your practical needs and your aesthetic desires.

I love India and I am currently fantasizing about going back to Kerala to stay on a house boat in the backwaters.  My designs are hugely inspired by my time spent travelling and working in India, and of course they have a wonderful history of weaving!

My favourite way to spend the weekend is with friends, family, music, food and the outdoors. I love cocktails – we had a great new years party this year where everyone brought a cocktail and a canape to share – we took it in turns to make a cocktail for the other guests and all focussed on one canape each. It was a great success as we all concentrated on making one thing really well. I am lucky that my friends are passionate about good food and drink too.'

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