5 iconic buys from Dutch design house NgispeN

Working from home can be tricky if your office environment is dull and uninspiring. Unless you’re in a room that feels dynamic you’ll probably end up looking for distractions such as diving into the kitchen every five minutes for another chocolate biscuit – trust me I’ve been there. Dutch design company NgispeN however brings creative energy to the drabbest of spaces with its range of fun and vibrant furniture, lighting and office accessories. Here’s a few favourite finds from the NgispeN promotion, on now at ACHICA. It’s easy to see why these are design pieces to covet…

Above: The quirky and cool Amateur Masters series of chairs by Jerszy Seymour are inspired by modernist form. The designs come in a range of juicy pop colours including grey, yellow, red and magenta.

Below: The NgispeN Divide Desk by Iris Janssen is a fantastically stylish multi-functional desk with slideable top and useful storage compartment. You can use it as a home office, hobby table or even for dining.

Below: The colourful Domoor cup a.k.a. Dombo is Richard Hutten’s famously jolly drinking cup with big ears for handles (oor is the Dutch word for handle). It’s designed for children, but its simple and stylish form is truly grown up. Made of injection moulded PPC it comes in orange, black, white, blue and purple. Fresh!

Below: Elephant in the room alert! Designed by Richard Hutten, this Lowres Elephant with Light design works as a lamp and a stool. Hutten says of the strength of this design: ‘It will cheer you up!’ The NgispeN Pouff Poef in red, also designed by Hutten, doubles up as a side table. Smart.

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