Country farmyard charm

If there’s one thing in the interiors world that I regularly fall in love with it’s fabrics. I just can’t get enough of them. Every time I see a new collection I want to redecorate just so I can make new cushions and blinds. But the latest designs by Voyage Fabrics called ‘Country’ is just so lovely. No matter what the weather is doing outside these will make you think of summer days.

There’s something very old skool about illustrated fabrics, especially ones with animals on them, but these aren’t those dated frumpy chickens from the 1970s, no, no! These are beautifully detailed paintings of dogs taking walks (aptly named Walkies) and chickens, paddling ducks, fish, pigs, foxes and hounds.

Each illustration has so much detail in it. Designed and painted by the in house team at Voyage, each watercolour painting has been transformed onto the cotton / linen mix, which is then digitally printed in Scotland.

If animals are too much on their own then the coordinating stripes, checks and tartans will definitely catch your eye. The cute wellington boots, watering cans, nutkins (acorn twigs to you and me) and woodland trees are also really sweet, but it’s the river fish and farmyard designs that I’ve got my eye on.

I want them for a roman blind in my kitchen, which I should point out is a very modern, high gloss grey – not fussy at all. But Mr MT took some persuading - he just didn’t understand why I would want to use an animal print for the windows. At least he didn’t understand until he looked over my shoulder as I was viewing the whole range on the Voyage website, strategically planned to catch his attention: ‘Oh they’re actually quite fun,’ he said. ‘I don’t mind the fish, or the chickens or ducks. They would work in our kitchen.’

So, I think my plan has worked! Paddling ducks, here we come!

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