'Seersucker' bed linen for the perfect night's snooze

While it may be gloomy outside with Summer having done a runner on us here in the UK (packing its suitcase and booking itself on the first Easyjet flight to Lanzarote), it doesn't mean we can't still enjoy some sunny style inside. When you've got cool, calming home furnishings in a clutter-free room, one of the most relaxing things to do is stay indoors and enjoy home sweet home. And what better place to start than in the bedroom. One of the best ways to make your bedroom feel fresh is with beautiful cool bedding (you can never have enough shoes, handbags and bedlinen we say! After all that shoe and handbag shopping you need somewhere soft and serene to rest your head of course).

The Blissful Summer Bed Linen promotion at ACHICA has caught our eye today not just for the beautiful designs included but because of the interesting use of a super-soft weave called 'seersucker'. Mel Fisk, Specialist Bed Linen Buyer at ACHICA explains a little more: 'We’ve put together this collection of bed linen with a soft and light colour palette of white, soft grey and cream. We’ve used cotton that's breathable and will keep you cool. The seersucker weave is great for summer bedding as it’s naturally wrinkled and will lift away from your skin when you sleep under it, allowing the warm air to circulate, keeping you at the ideal temperature at night. The name seersucker originated from the Persian word “shir o shekar”, which means milk and sugar, because of the smooth and rough textures in the weave. It's easy to care for as no ironing is required, which means you'll have a little more time to sit back and relax...'

Check out the seersucker range and other gorgeous bed linen designs in the Blissful Summer Bed Linen promotion at ACHICA

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