5 luxurious home ideas to steal

Actual stealing is, of course, wrong. But brand new houses that cost more than a million are actually full of ideas that can make our own bricks and mortar more functional and fit for the silver-clad 21st century. Take a look at our run down of top five glamourous touches, which we think will look spot on in homes of all shapes and sizes…

1 Lose the separate dining room

Even homes with space for lots of rooms are including an open-plan kitchen-diner, and it’s much more suited to the way we live today. The example here (above) has an acreage that most of us can merely dream of, but on the upside smaller dimensions mean less cleaning.

Could you take down a wall between kitchen and dining room? Never forgetting that it may be doing a vital job rather than just creating a partition. Speak to a competent builder before getting out the tool box of course...

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2 Give your hallway some love

Yes, we know you’re more likely to have a narrow corridor than an entrance you could throw a masked ball in, yet there are ideas you can use here. Think narrow console table rather than a pair flanking the staircase, first off. Drawers hold clutter and the top can be home to something lovely.

Which brings us to: a touch of life with flowers or plants (even if they are the fake-but-hard-to-tell-from-the-real-thing sort) will make the space feel more welcoming.

Follow the example of the lighting, too. A gloomy hall is never going to show itself off to best effect. A series of pendants or wall lights can work better than a single bulb struggling to illuminate every corner.

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3 Make your bedroom an escape from the rest of the world

Much as we love our partners and families, a little alone time can be very appealing. You may not have the space to turn your room into a bedsit (even the most upmarket version), but allow yourself a comfy chair, vow not to cover it in the clothes you disregarded when you chose what to wear today, and you have a little quiet place specially for you.

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4 Keep things neat out and about

Nothing makes the compact home feel more like it can undo its belt a couple of notches and breathe than incorporating the outside into the inside. Granted the weather doesn’t seem to have got the message about which season we’re in, but you want to be ready in those fleeting moments.

Your patio may be a far cry from this capacious terrace, and your own green and pleasant lawn more modest in dimensions, but take a look at the way the chairs here tuck neatly away when they’re not being used, and note that the table shape matches that of the terrace – both strategies avoid a cramped feel.

5 Indulge in some bathtime beauty

Fabulous tiles on walls, floors and more give the upmarket new home style and quality, but they needn’t be difficult to fit in your own palace, nor scarily expensive to purchase. Modern tiles can reproduce the look of amazing natural stones, and the appearance of real stone will always create a luxury edge.

Remember, too, that a stunning bathroom needn’t be large. Think hotel room, where floor space isn’t wasted but the room doesn’t feel compromised. Modern low profile shower trays and barely there screens have a five-star presence that might mean you can fit an en-suite to get you a little nearer to that bathroom-with-every-bedroom home you’d love.

Thanks to Millgate Homes for letting us look round their gorgeous homes.

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