PopKakery lollipop style cakes are too cool (and possibly too easy to eat)

When a whole slice of cake just seems a little too indulgent, a lollipop cake (or two) will do. Today I'm mostly loving these sweet treats from PopKakery. These delicious-flavoured lollipop style 'Kake' balls are made from fine ingredients by boutique patisserie chefs at PopKakery and come in a range of fun flavours, including carrot, chocolate, coffee, red velvet (my fav) and vanilla. They are decorated in a range of fun designs including these Jubilee-themed cakes. The Smiley face and Choco Pop flavours are rather fun too (below) - they're a great way to liven up a party table and come mounted on a stick, so they are very easy to eat! Like I need an excuse...

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