Design Blogger Guest Shopper : James Davidson from We Heart

This week, James Davidson, Editor of award-winning online lifestyle, culture and design magazine We Heart, is ACHICA's Design Blogger Guest Shopper. Here he picks his favourite buys on promotion at ACHICA this coming week and explains why they have caught his eye...

The William Francis Collection Union Jack Chair (at ACHICA on Friday 11 May 2012)

'I know, I know, in a few weeks everyone's going to be sick to the back teeth of Coronation chicken, bunting and cups of tea in commemorative China - but this is just timeless. How about customising it with an old Sex Pistols t-shirt and some reckless daubs of paint? I know I would.'

Bluebone Titanic High Dresser, Cast Iron & Reclaimed Boatwood (at ACHICA from Tuesday 8 May 2012)

'Forget the Titanic sentimentality, I just can't get enough of reclaimed wood - and this effortlessly simple little number, complete with worn paint and timber etchings is just the right side of industrial-chic to inject a bit of charm into a minimal space.'

Seletti Porcelain Egg Holder in Gold (at ACHICA from Wed 8 May 2012)

'I love this, it's like the ultimate rock and roll excess. If I was a poodle-haired, spandex-wearing frontman who dealt only in debauchery and power ballads, or an ex-ghetto, blinged-up rap superstar; I'd have my whole house gold plated. I'm not, so I'll settle for this witty little egg holder instead.'

THUG FOR LIFE, BANKSY, canvas wall art, 100 x 80 cm (at ACHICA from Friday 11 May 2012)

'Sure, it's his famous stencils and political statements that have made the Bristol-boy an internationally renowned street-art idol, but this - one of Banksy's older pieces - is brimming with his famed humour, and is a welcome break from the pieces that everyone knows so well.'

Seletti Cartoon Wardrobe (at ACHICA from Wed 8 May 2012)

'Talk about statement pieces - if you want to throw a little childlike wit into your bedroom, this hand-drawn wardrobe of pure glamour fantasy is a must. With a backdrop of a sheer matte black wall, and sat on white painted wooden floorboards, this cheeky grandiose piece would bridge the gap between art and interiors.'

You'll find all these products at ACHICA this week

We Heart is an award-winning online lifestyle, culture and design magazine - with a dedication to delivering the best and most innovative in arts, travel, interiors, architecture, exhibitions, events, and so much more. Cutting through the myriad of press release-replicating 'cool hunter' blogs – We Heart presents another view – originally written articles with depth and humour, unique features, honest opinion and optic-nerve-crippling visual content.

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