Snow White style: mirror, mirror…on my shopping wish list

The trend for mirrored and upholstered furniture is set to be a big hit this year with the release of the latest Snow White remake, Mirror Mirror, now showing in cinemas featuring Julia Roberts. The visuals of this film could be its biggest highlight, with the set, designed by Alex Touikan (set designer for The Day After Tomorrow, The Aviator and 300) featuring imaginative landscapes and opulent interiors.

Taking a much lighter tone than previous Snow White films, the Queen’s palace is a dreamy, shell like abode. Peach, lilac and gold are the main colours throughout, with decadent features like a French style upholstered chaise longue or lavish headboards setting the tone of luxury. Delicate details like tall candelabras or dainty mirrored tables complete the royal castle look.

The reflective surfaces of mirrored furniture offers an extra dimension of light and space in your home, combine with metallic frames or surfaces for a bright and striking make over. Be the fairest of them all with these pretty desk items (feather and ink, photo frame, letter opener, apple bowl).

Top: Statement mirror from Gallery. The ACHICA Gallery mirror promotion starts at 7am Monday 23rd April and ends at 7am Wednesday 25th April 2012. Above and below: Images from the film Mirror, Mirror:

Upholstery adds French boudoir glamour (headboard, chaise lounge).

Inspired by the film Mirror Mirror, check out these unique buys to add a touch of Snow White style to your scheme...

Below: French Chaise Longue from Island Furniture Co;

Below: Tufted Roccoco Headbord from This Paris Apartment; Damask wallpaper from Classic Wallcoverings

Below: Slverplated feather quill and ink pot from Etsy; Tall Candelabra from Constance Interiors

Below: Palazzo Silver Gallery mirror from ACHICA.

The ACHICA Gallery mirror promotion starts at 7am Monday 23rd April and ends at 7am Wednesday 25th April 2012.

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