How to create storage everywhere by Interior Your Home's Chrysoula Sofitsi

We know how hard it can be to create optimal storage solutions at home, but expert Chrysoula Sofitsi of Interior Your Home has the answers. Chrysoula has a degree in interior design and worked as a set designer in the film business for many years before she joined Interior Your Home. As a set designer she needed to create spaces that felt right for the characters shown on screen. ‘The experience taught me to “listen” to the clients’ needs and interpret their wishes to give them spaces that they and their families could enjoy,’ she says. She’s passionate about the flow of space within buildings and has great knowledge on the best ways to maximise storage in small areas, so we asked her to reveal how to make room for all the stuff of our everyday home lives...

How do you incorporate technology into a living space without it taking over?

‘Every living space has a TV, music system and so on. They really don't have to take over and become the main feature of the living space. I always try to find individual ways of incorporating most of the technical equipment. In this case because of the limitations on budget I had to customise a shop-bought storage system by building it into the new stud wall.’

What’s the best way to fit a home office and your paperwork into very little space?

‘Built-in desks and shelving are always going to work best in small areas as you can utilise every centimetre of space. Also by building in a small desk you don't have to worry about the legs as you can float the worksurface.’

We love the way you’ve stopped clutter at the door. Tell us about your methods...

‘Good old storage boxes! By building floating shelving in an entrance porch way, I have created ample storage for scarves, hats, roller blades, shoes... for a family of six.’

How do you make storage double up as a display of colour and pattern?

‘Never ignore any aspect of your home. But don't allow clutter to build up – you should only display what you use regularly.’

Tell us about how you make the smallest rooms functional as well as attractive without cramming them full...

‘If each room has as much storage designed into the fabric of the space as possible it helps. In this case, spare toilet rolls and cleaning bottles are stored in the built-in cupboard to the side of the WC leaving space for prettier bottles to be stored in the open walnut unit above.’

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