Bernie de Le Cuona’s top 10 home style secrets

Bernie de Le Cuona is founder of the world’s largest own-brand linen collection - the designs of which are luxurious and covetable. The de Le Cuona range also includes beautiful hand-woven paisleys, a mix of rich textured materials and an aspirational furniture and accessories collection that has been on ACHICA Living's wish list for quite a while.

During the recent New York Design Festival, we caught up with Bernie de Le Cuona in her gorgeous Manhattan studio and got her to share her style secrets. Here's her top 10...

1. Simplicity is key to comfort. In a sitting room, arrange the sofas and chairs in a way that is conducive to conversation and relaxation. I always try to create a square with a large central coffee table that allows for me to entertain in a relaxed manner.

2. Accessorise. Plan the large pieces in a room to be in neutral tones so that you can refresh the ambience by changing accessories like cushions, throws and flowers. Adding cushions in attention-grabbing colours and textures to a sofa is a quick and easy way to update a room.

3. Lighting is incredibly important. I think it’s key to have many sources of light in one room - mix and match lamps, floor lights and spots that have dimmers so you can control the light according to weather, mood and time of day. Candles are a great way to light your room in the evening but beware of heavily scented ones - they can sometimes be overpowering.

4. Create your own style. Never follow a theme, draw inspiration from everything and then create your home to suit your lifestyle.

5. Texture plays an important role. Mix them all up - team smooth wood surfaces with velvet fabrics or embossed linen textures with metal, for example.

6. Always mix old and new. The gloss and excitement of new innovative products and the old patinas created by time make for a marvelous combination.

7. Smells are as important as first impressions. Change them for summer and winter. Household items like coffee or herbs can add as much to an ambience as candles and flowers. My favourite scent is Molton Brown's Black Pepper candle, which is very smoky and masculine.

8. Recreate products. Recycling makes for much more interesting pieces in a home - a small old wooden bed can be used to make a coffee table, and an old suitcase an interesting side table. I also always use old jugs or metal tins for flower vases.

9. Mirrors are important and it's easy to make them look unique and bespoke, whether they are oversized or petite. Frames always add to the effect -  an old wooden window frame can look great around a sheet of plain mirror for example. You can also try different tints for the frame - my favourite is a gold vintage effect.

10. When it comes to home style, don't be afraid to trust your instincts. Life is too short to live in a boring home so create surprising and fun interiors and take the chance to do what you really want with a space…enjoy it!

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