Anna Dodonova of Anna Casa Interiors on how to add glamorous touches

Anna Dodonova of Anna Casa Interiors is an interior designer who’s known for creating schemes that are beautiful and luxurious but also inviting. She grew up in Germany and studied graphic design there, then moved to London to pursue her long-held dream to be an interior designer. Anna believes that interiors should be timeless, but also reflect their owners’ personalities. ‘Your home is your castle, a sanctuary from the world and a place to dream,’ she says.

How do you create a living room that looks glamorous but comfortable, too?

‘You have to combine luxury and comfort – for example, using a very comfortable sofa but dressing it with gorgeous cushions. There are textures and fabrics that can be used in a living room that give it a comfortable feel but look luxurious at the same time. Accessories are a great way to add glamour to the living room; the practical areas such as the entertainment and TV area can be dressed with interesting and unusual finds.’

We love the silver and silvery grey tones in this scheme. Can you give us some guidance on how to go about introducing them to a pale room scheme?

‘Silver and silver grey tones are my favourites. The secret is that these tones will go with almost all colours. To make the best of it, I would introduce a contrasting colour to underline the grey tones and to give the room more ambience and personality.

There are some beautiful textures in this room. What’s the secret of combining them?
‘To be honest, I always go from my gut feeling! It just has to look good together, feel comfortable and be great to touch.’

How do you like to use lighting in your schemes?

‘For my interiors, lighting schemes are very important. I always create different scenes in each room, so that the client can change the mood in every room, creating the ambience that they want.’

Why did you pick this fabulous headboard?

‘We wanted to make something special for the client and not ordinary. It is great when you have a client who is open to new ideas and trusts you. So we came up with a design idea which feels comfortable and is practical.’

What are the best ways to bring decorative detail into a bathroom?

‘Less is more with bathrooms. The bathroom is clean and fresh space, so it’s important not to overload it. A light touch and key accessories are sometimes enough to bring in a decorative element.’

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