Put a spring in your storage solutions

Traditionally spring cleaning was all about throwing open dusty curtains, letting the light back into dark corners and clearing out cobwebs from long neglected crevices. But fortunately, most of us no longer spend the winters huddled up like Miss Havisham, and don’t need to call in Kim and Aggie the moment March rolls around. Instead, we should view the lengthening of the evenings as a chance to get our lives in order, the start of the new season can also be the start of a newly uncluttered phase, where we get rid of all the stuff that holds you back. We’re not going to tell you to change jobs or dump that boyfriend, but taking an inventory of everything you own, getting rid of what you don’t need and them implementing a few simple storage solutions can make all the difference.

Statement Storage: Make a feature out of hiding your DVDs, like these Montana storage boxes at Icons of Denmark. They can be piled high or hung horizontally across the wall, in any mix of colours you choose, and prove that even shelving can bring a bit of colour and cheer to the room.

Double Up: Think about wasted space that could be better used for storage. Get a coffee table which has shelving underneath it or compartments in which to keep magazines, or a bed with drawers in its underbelly. Turn your stairs into hidden boxes with hinged lids, in which you can keep anything which is relatively long and thin, or even shoes.

Wonder Walls: Make the most of your vertical space. Hang hooks on the inside of cupboard doors, fix shelves to empty walls with hooks hanging off their undersides. Pile books up against the side of the walls in colour codes according to their spines, for an instant art installation. Get a Sheila’s Maid to hang from the ceiling, keeping washing from being in the way as it dries.

Cupboard Love: Clothes hung messily in wardrobes can look so unappealing they make you feel you have nothing to wear. Invest in some decent wooden coat hangers, hang one item per hanger and arrange them neatly in order of colour. Hang trousers on clipped hangers, too – a folded up pile can all too easily dissolve into a mess.

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