Magic carpet: Why we’re all beginning to embrace carpets and rugs again

Carpets have got a raw deal in recent years. Not chic, according to interiors mags, who favoured spartan wooden floors. Not hygienic, according to scare-mongering scientists, who claimed they were full of dust and dirt and other nasties. Not practical, said everyone else, as our lives all became too busy to whip out the hoover, and the nightly glass of red wine and inevitable spillages caused havoc with the wall-to-wall.

But gradually, they are creeping back in. It started with the desire to warm up our wooden boards by covering them in rugs. Then stylists began to layer clashing rugs over each other in a patchwork effect, and then Cath Kidston went almost the whole hog in her own bedroom when she admitted rugs lay on all but a square foot of surface running around the edge of the room. Suddenly it seemed like we were edging back into liking carpets, without wanting to actually admit it.

So maybe it’s time to embrace it. Follow Kersaint Cobb’s lead (below) and lay a thin runner up the middle of the staircase  - enough that it feels nice to walk on but not so much that it looks like you’ve arrived late to Abigail’s Party. Go for stripes for stairs or a plain, deep pile if you’re covering the whole room – it makes it easier to change the accessories as you carry out moderate updates over the years. That said, if you’re really daring you could treat the carpet like you would a rug – pick a large, loud, vibrant pattern, lay it wall-to-wall and let your floors do the talking as they become the perfect setting for the ultimate disco living room.

If you’re still not convinced, it might be worth remembering how drafty wooden floors can be. If wall-to-wall carpet is a little too adventurous, try a show-stopping rug, such as this Funk Block by Asiatic Rugs. Or, try a different material altogether – seagrass or sisal will still give a vague ambience of industrial chic but be kinder on bare feet, a nicer experience to walk on. And that – comfort and cosiness in your home – is what we should all be striving for after all.

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