5 ways to add a splash of colour to your home and garden

It's an age-old adage that colour cheers up a dull room, but it really does. Just because it's a bit gloomy outside doesn't mean that the inside of your home needs to look like a gloomy weekend in the Arctic circle  - a few colourful home accessories here and there can make you feel like you've been transported to a tropical island...well almost. Check out these vibrant home and garden accessories, which are suitably bursting with colour...

Metro bed linen from Kas (at ACHICA from 7am March 1st 2012) fires up the style in the bedroom.

Tube Lines from The Art Group (at ACHICA from 7am March 2nd 2012) depicts simple and iconic London Transport lines and would look great against a neutral backdrop.

This stripy screen from Art House (at ACHICA from 7am 29 February 2012) is the perfect way to inject colour into an open-plan space.

The hammock from Amazonas (at ACHICA from 7am March 1st 2012) comes in zesty shades of orange and yellow and is perfect for livening up the garden, ready for a warm spring...

Although this technically isn't a 'home accessory', this Keepsake Egg by Hope & Greenwood (at ACHICA from 7am Friday 2nd March 2012) will certainly add a splash of colour and cheer the room up...

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