Big ideas for small bedrooms

When it comes to decorating, designing your child's room can often be one of the most fun tasks. Just an inch of colour here and a cm of imagination there can transform a boring boxy room into a Toy Story dream. If your child hasn't already paved the way with their own demands, eherm, here's a few tips to keep inspire you on your mission to create a fun and practical space that they'll pride in keeping tidy.
To make it easy for children to tidy up their rooms once they've finished playing, ensure storage for books and toys is within easy reach. Drawers should be easy to open, shelves easy to access and storage boxes finger-slamming free. 'I've got three children and when it came to decorating their rooms, my first thought was to include storage that's practical and easy for them to manage themselves,' says Kate Thompson, super stylist at ACHICA. 'To make it fun and so that they know where things are, I got them to design their own storage labels using colourful pens and paint. Now the room is filled with original art.'
Choose fun and unique colours in walls and soft furnishings, as they're welcoming and bring a smile to your face. 'The more colourful, the better,' continues Kate, 'but choose shades wisely so they will grow with the child. Greens will add balance, while pink will add warmth, for example. Deep pinks age better than pale pinks, but if pale pink is on the menu, mix it up with complementing colours such as green. Yellows and blues are always age-appropriate and you avoid the risk of appearing 'uncool'. Hiccups' linen sets, throws and cushion covers (above and below) cater for boys and girls with a variety of hobbies and interests.'

Rugs don't always have to be specifically designed for children. 'When thinking about their floor space, a creative solution is a rug with geometric shapes that can stretch the imagination,' says Kate.

If the room is small, think big. In her book A Girl's Guide to Decorating (Quadrille), stylist Abigail Ahern says: 'You may not be able to change the physical diminution of your room but you can do a huge amount to influence the perfection of its size. Keep furniture to a minimum and get creative with your storage and the space will immediately feel larger.'

Choose multi-functional space saving furniture where possible. Beds with integrated shelving and drawers built in ensures a neat place to store bed linen and out-of-season clothes. If the room is particularly snug, opt for floating shelves over freestanding units to make better use of the space.

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