All Bar Fun: Why having your own bar is the new living room essential

'Having a bar in your own home is the ultimate bit of indulgence,' says the interior designer Nick Munro. 'It’s about indulgence and escapism, and about making your house a fun place to be.' Here at ACHICA Living we wholeheartedly agree – we may not all have the space to turn an entire room over to a full set of optics and beer pumps, but there are a few other tricks we’ve picked up from nights spent leaning up against bars all over town. Sorry, we mean research.

Firstly, don’t underestimate the restorative effects of a drinks trolley. At Soho Beach House in Miami there is one that goes around every evening at about 6pm, as guests are getting ready for the evening. They call it OWC – One Whilst Changing – and you can recreate that at home with a little trolley in the corner of the living room. All you need is a couple of bottles of spirits, some decent glassware – go for just a few tumblers and long glasses if you haven’t got space for a full collection – and an ice bucket, if you’re really getting into the swing of it.

Alternatively, requisition an old chest or a sideboard and turn it into an impromptu watering bowl, like the good people at MYdrap Cotton have done for this picture. Theirs are the deceptively expensive-looking napkins on a roll, which can be torn off as if they were kitchen roll  but washed and re-used around six times, and make the perfect accessory to a martini glass filled with olives and booze. Equally, the vases of flowers and long stem candlesticks used here help to stop your bar area from looking like a boys-only zone, softening up what could otherwise be a very un-pretty corner.

After all, the bar area is essentially meant to be fun, so you want to keep it light and inviting. Add a framed photograph of Queen of the Cocktail Joan Collins, or a couple of unexpected ornaments dotted amongst the bottles. It adds humour, a sense of jollity, and encapsulates the spirit of the whole idea. We’ll definitely drink to that.

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