Top 10 ways to unwind by NEOM founder Nicola Elliott 

Have you had the pleasure of NEOM yet? Its range of organic home and body products is pure indulgence, with fans including Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow. To find out what all the fuss is about, ACHICA Living felt it was necessary to do some 'research' (notably sitting back and chilling out with NEOM's luxury products), and now we certainly understand.

The ethos of NEOM's sensuous range is that beauty should be about spoiling yourself, with gorgeous scents and indulgence. We hear that. To find out more about this delightful brand, we asked NEOM's founder Nicola Elliot to share some tips on just exactly how she unwinds coming home 'stressed and grumpy' after a busy day out and about...

1. Scent your home to have it smelling gorgeous the minute you step in the door. When it’s freezing and I arrive stressed and grumpy, the minute I walk into my house the gentle scent of Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood reminds me I’m home. Our Real Luxury scent is a soft, cosy but sophisticated and beautiful scent that I adore.

2. Indulge in good food. I love chicken pie and mash potato with lashings of gravy…perfect comfort food for chilly evenings in Yorkshire.

3. Light a sumptuous candle the minute the kids are in bed. Rose and Neroli are the most precious oils and they are amazing for making me feel super pampered and helping me destress after a hectic day.

4.  Go for a swim – it’s chilly yes, but it’s the only exercise I actually enjoy and can classify as a bit of ‘me time’ as well. I read somewhere this is the secret to motivating yourself to exercise.

5. Get into a routine such as bathtime with the kids at 6pm on the dot (we’ve all had enough by then!). I like to use Earth Friendly Baby products on my children – the lavender ones are lovely and much kinder on their skin than anything with harsh chemicals in.

6. Chocolate. Green and Black's hot chocolate with marshmallows in…need I say more?

7. Snuggle up with good-quality slippers – I absolutely hate my feet being cold and am always on the look-out for semi-stylish slippers (did I just say that?) that are super cosy too.

8. Get some quality time. I love having dinner out with my husband. Nothing is better that an impromptu meal out, just the two of us on a school night if you need a bit of a pick me up. Bit of lippy, call every baby sitter under the sun and make a mad dash for it!

9. Use gorgeous scents. I am officially hooked on Reed Diffusers, mainly because they are so practical…perfect for hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, guest rooms, I even have one in my wardrobe so the clothes are gently scented.

10. Light a real fire…with a gorgeous candle burning, the perfect slippers snuggling my feet and hot chocolate in hand!

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