Wonderwalls: Exclusive chat with celebrity interior designer Meg Mathews

Meg Mathews shot to fame in the 1990s as one half of a rock power couple with Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher. Known for being part of the Primrose Hill set and the hostess with the mostest memorable parties at her house, Supernova Heights, she has since reinvented herself as a successful interior designer. Her wallpapers and scarves are sold in Liberty, and she has just created a new capsule collection for the high street retailer Dwell. Known for her love of colour and prints, which fit perfectly into this season’s cheerful mood, ACHICA Living caught up with her for some tips on how to get the Mathews look at home...

So, what’s your aversion to white walls?

Whenever I walk into a house and see that it’s full of taupes, beiges and browns, I sigh a bit and get really bored. It’s just not very exciting to see greys, and ash tones – in fact it’s dull. I’ve always been into neon, which is a little bit more daring, and brightens up the place a bit. Your first reaction when you walk into a bright room is that the person who decorated it is fun and bold. Colour makes a positive statement about you.

Why do you think interiors is embracing colour at the moment?

As I said, I’ve always loved bright colours – they’re just that bit more rock and roll. I think everyone else is catching up to the idea that you can express your personality through your home, and the high street is making this sort of design more available. It’s all really doomy and gloomy outside at the moment, which we can’t do anything about, but we can make our own homes a happier place to be.

And how should people work colour into the room?

I’m all for going really mad – bright pink walls or a fluro camouflage prints are my favourites. My daughter has  Mickey Mouse graffiti and a neon pink army print as the wallpaper in her bedroom and she chose it herself – I love all that stuff. I think you the bigger you go, the better. Don’t be afraid of clashing prints, in fact embrace them. Pinks and oranges, blacks and neons, anything with a bit of an edge to it.

And do you have any tips for 2012?

Look out for Shaun Cochrane – he’s won loads of awards for his kitchen designs recently and he’s brilliant –all brightly coloured surfaces. Also, I’m loving Christopher Kane’s neon pink flares, but that’s hardly a surprise, is it?

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