What's this? It's a deer wearing gym socks of course

Do you ever have those days when things just seem a little off kilter? Today has certainly felt a little odd for me. I knew things wouldn't run smoothly today when I woke up and could hear my boiler making those rattling noises as it fought the cold weather outside and threatened to pack up. Then, at lunchtime, the sound settings on my iPhone decided to stop working, which was nice. This might have something to do with the fact that I dropped it in a glass of water the other day, but I digress. So anyhow, in between an afternoon latte (a double-shot espresso day today) and making a trip down to the Apple store to see what could be done about my iPhone, I spotted this unusual piece of artwork on ACHICA, which made me smile. What is it? It's a deer wearing gym socks of course. This delightfully unusual piece is a creation by prolific artist Charmaine Oliver, whose style has often been used by the music industry for cover illustrations. Her art works such as Mixtape, Flowers in your Head and Boat in your Mind (all below) are also rather fun, wouldn't you say? Here's to more off-kilter days, maybe they aren't so bad after all...

Flowers in your Head (above) and Boat in your Mind (below) by Charmaine Oliver.

Take a look at the whole range of art works by Charmaine Olivier in the ACHICA promotion, which starts at 7am on promotion Thursday 2nd February and ends at 7am Saturday 4th February.

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