10 ways to make your home a comfort zone

It goes without saying, dear reader, that you want a lovely home. But a place so perfectly decorated and beautifully furnished that it doesn’t feel, well, homely is not a place many of us actually want to live in. So if you need to balance your exquisite taste with a touch of comfort, try these finishing touches...

1 Surround yourself with treasured possessions. Floor to ceiling shelving is perfect for those who aren’t ready to swap paper for ebooks. Make sure you leave some space for decorative objects, too. Fabrics, Second Nature collection, Blendworth

2 Your rooms need to be pleasing to the eye, of course, but don’t neglect your sense of touch. Soft, natural fibres and deep carpets will make every room more comfy. Sheridan bed linen (below) is soft to the touch and highly luxurious.

3 Give a home to the pre-loved. Furniture that’s been passed on through your family, or that you spent time tracking down second-hand, will have the imperfections of age and use that add to the atmosphere of your room.

4 We all know the appeal of pristine white bedlinen, but it can be a little cold looking. If earthy taupes (as above) don't float your boat, a vibrant pink accent will add a welcome shot of warmth to your room. Maiori bedlinen, Bedeck

5 Soften window treatments. Blinds can be fabulously functional, but swap rollers and Venetians for the folds of a Roman, or add curtains, too, to up the comfort factor.

6 For the best of both worlds, enjoy wood flooring, but add a runner, carpet or rug, too. A striped design, such as London Calling from the Rock n Roll collection, Alternative Flooring Company, is great for halls, landings and staircases.

7 A touch of the organic has a calming effect in any room. Pick wooden accessories and natural motifs on wallpaper and fabrics. Bark in Heath wallpaper, Little Greene (below).

8 Too much stuff, no matter how fantastic it all is, is never easy to live with. Edit your room’s contents so surfaces aren’t cluttered, and you can pass around the room easily.

9 Monochromatic colour schemes – which use different shades of the same colour – might sound dull, but the effect can be remarkably soothing, creating a room that immediately puts you at ease. Fabrics, Indienne collection, Villa Nova (below).

10 The right fragrance can change the entire atmosphere of your room. Make sure it’s subtle, not overpowering, and think of warmer, richer scents as well as fresh and vibrant versions.

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