Charlotte Crosland on how to give your home soul

Interior designer Charlotte Crosland – sister of designer Neisha – creates rooms that are stylish and comfortable. ‘The neutral, playing safe interior that has been a trend for ages is not for me,’ she says. ACHICA Living took a peek at Charlotte’s own home, and asked her to reveal how she creates a look that’s chic and relaxed...

You like to use colour: can you offer some guidelines for those who want to bring some to their neutral schemes?

‘Colour is vital: it adds warmth and interest. You can achieve this by using strong colour in your upholstery, art, or accessories like cushions or decorative objects. Always add the colour red.’

Many people neglect hallways. What should you think about to give your hallway style?

‘Hallways should always be welcoming. This can be achieved by either using a strong patterned wallpaper – which alone does it all. If the walls are painted, add a good looking piece of furniture with a strong piece of art or a mirror of a substantial size. Make sure you get the lighting right with dimmers so it can swap between being bright if necessary or soft to be warm and cosy.’

What’s most important when you’re decorating and furnishing a dining room or area?

‘It must be comfortable and functional. The table, chairs and lighting are the priorities. The size of the table must take up most of the room with lights above it so the room doesn’t appear to be all table. The chairs must be really comfortable and easy to clean. Once you have these three items right you can add the art.’

What do you consider essential to create a successful bedroom scheme?

‘It must be a room you can completely relax in. Don’t use strong colour or pattern – just subtle ones. Go for soft carpets, lots of lamps and not overhead lighting.’

You create furniture, too. Can you tell us about it?

‘We design our own TV units. They are cupboards that hide the TV when not in use and can sit at the end of the bed or in the drawing room – you press the button for the TV to pop up when you want. They have been very popular.  We also design our own cupboards that house music systems, cupboards for clothing or general storage and kitchens.’

[Above] Custom-made audio-visual cabinet.

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