A love affair with retro style

There’s something about retro style that brings a smile to my face - I’m not sure if it’s because it reminds me of my childhood or just that those classic shapes and styles are bang on trend right now. And I love the clever use of green and teal and mixes of brown and yellow that are gracing homewares. Ten years ago they would have looked dated and frumpy, but now they look modern and fresh. It’s easy to get the look right without completely redecorating...
Adding nostalgic style with soft furnishings is a good place to start. When I first clocked eyes on Villa Nova’s new ‘High society fabric collection’ all I could think about was making a skirt out of the fabulous ‘Tea at the Ritz’ design: that’s what I always want to do with fabrics when I have run out of windows to dress - how very Sound of Music of me…

All those gorgeous ladies in those amazing full skirts! As well as on curtains and cushions, the fabrics look
wonderful on furniture too such as on the small Alpine sofa and Ely dining chair by Multiyork.

When it comes to sleek designs of a 50’s style chair there’s one name that jumps out time and time again! Ercol. I think its latest designs are as relevant today as its retro pieces from years ago. How is it that a bit of orange paint can make a plain old-style bench look so modern and current?

The latest retro designs by Sofa Workshop also work really well.  The Miss Vivienne coffee tables are exactly like one my parents received as a wedding gift 40 years ago! It has never looked dated and neither will this design!

But if you’re not looking for furniture and want a really quick retro fix you can’t go wrong with a tea towel. I couldn’t choose between these groovy designs by New House Textiles so I had to buy them all! There! Retro fix achieved!

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