Five New Year's resolutions for your home

So the tree is in a dried up heap in the garden, the decorations have been stashed back up in the loft and the house is looking a little bare. Nice isn’t it! When the decs come down your house always looks tidy and clutter free. So, this year why not set your home some New Year’s resolutions to keep it looking its best?

1. Get the interior designer look...
Is it time to replace your curtains or even just a cushion or two? If so January is the time to do it. These simple changes will give your whole living room a completely new look.  Check out the latest Spring 2012 Maurelle collection by Kai, which includes some divine fabrics in satins, woven fabrics, sumptuous velvets and chic voile. They’ll easily add a touch of glamour to your home.

2. Set the mood...

While the nights are still a bit cold, wet and gloomy outside make sure you’re creating the perfect ambience inside. Choosing lighting for your home can be a nightmare if you get it wrong. You want it to look good, work well in the room and be just a little unique.  That’s where the latest designs by Heathfield and Co step in. Its lighting is beautiful. We especially love the latest designs with the green glass bases - just what you need to add a zesty feel to any room.

For another instant update, why not have a lampshade made to order in The Natural Curtain Company’s amazing choice of bold coloured fabrics. The choice is endless...

3. Keep everything in its place… starting with your keys.

If you put your keys in the same place every time you walk through the front door then you’ll never lose them down the back of the sofa again! We like this cute wire hook by The Contemporary home. Or, why not organize everything in one place - phone, keys, coat, post? It all fits into this handy caddy by All up and on.

4. Make cleaning less of a chore...

We all have an element of housework we hate to do, but if you choose a slick vacuum cleaner, that won’t be the case when it comes to tidying your carpets. This Miele S6730, from John Lewis, is coated in a burgundy Red Velvet. It’s gorgeous to look at, has a whopping 2000W motor, every tool you could possibly need and is amazing to steer around furniture. I have been testing it out and my carpets have never looked so good. I have been getting it out every few days (and I hate vacuuming!)

5. De-clutter your home

It’s been said before that just 15minutes of de-cluttering a day will keep your home (and surfaces) in check. But, failing that I say keep a stash of neat boxes to hide everything away in. Anything that looks like it was designed to be stacked is a winner. You can pop them on top of cupboards, inside wardrobes or just stacked in the corner of a room like an impromptu side table. We like the leather hat boxes from The Holding Company as they look so stylish you could display them anywhere and hide a multitude of sins in there!

If this has inspired you, check out the range of home furnishings at ACHICA today, which will help give your home an instant update. Adding some Chloe Crofts cushions (below) to your sofa is just one way to give the living room a lift, for example...

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