Rock on with artist and illustrator Hannah Bays

London-based artist and illustrator Hannah Bays is inspired by the music and mythology of rock ‘n’ roll. Born in 1982, she studied Graphic Design at the London College of Communication, and while she was there she received her first commissions from UK indie bands Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things. Delivery (above) and Albion (below) are inspired by Babyshambles songs of the same name (both from Shotter’s Nation, the band's second album) and are just two examples of Hannah's magical work.

‘Wasteland’ (below) is inspired by the song Last of the Small Town Playboys and was created for Dirty Pretty Things.

Since leaving college, Hannah has continued to switch between, and combine, painting, drawing and collage in her work. She has become strongly influenced by the 'hand-made aesthetics of punk, Dada and Victoriana, with a contemporary twist'. She has also worked for the likes of Frost French and Rough Trade and, more recently, on branding a series of well-known Camden watering holes. As she plans her solo exhibition, Hannah Bays is certainly one to watch and one whose work will look great on your wall...

The limited-edition prints shown here and more, signed, dated and numbered by Hannah Bays, are on promotion at ACHICA from 7am Saturday 7 January to 7am Wednesday 11 January 2012.

Above: Beautiful Losers by Hannah Bays. Below: Marcel by Hannah Bays and For Lovers by Hannah Bays.

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