Sidetrack the detox with Miss Hope's Nougat Clusters recipe

Bored of the New Year detox already? We are too. Afterall, a little sweet treat really can't hurt. To get us through the week, we're going to satisfy our sweet craving with a bite-size Hope & Greenwood Nougat Cluster. You can have fun trying the easy recipe here...

Nougat Clusters by Miss Hope

Makes 8 whoppers and takes 15 minutes to make: plus setting time.

'In this really simple but delightful recipe, Rice Krispies, creamy milk chocolate, sour cherries, pecans and white nougat are all clustered together in chewy harmony,' says Miss Hope. 'They are almost as simple as Simple Simon and his Dancing Teeth.'


8 pieces white nougat

Good-quality milk chocolate, for tempering

8 dried soured cherries

8 whole pecan nuts

2 tbsp Rice Krispies

White chocolate, for tempering


Put the nougat on a freezerproof plate and slip it into the freezer. Line a board with baking parchment.

Temper the chocolate. Use 300g of couverture chocolate for one tray of chocolates and about 450g for two trays. The easiest way to temper is to pop the chopped-up chocolate into a microwaveable plastic or glass bowl and melt at 800 - 1000W, checking it every 15 seconds or so and taking care it doesn't overheat. When the chocolate looks nearly melted, but there are still a few bits bobbed on top, take it out of the microwave and stir the chocolate gently until smooth. It should have thickened slightly. It's now ready to use.

Make 8 dainty piles of the remaining ingredients on a board, dividing the Rice Krispies equally among them so no one gets jealous.

When the chocolate is tempered, remove the nougat from the freezer and pop a piece onto each Krispie pile.

Balance a pile of the ingredients on a dessertspoon and scoop it into the chocolate, making sure all the ingredients are covered. Place the chocolatey cluster on the parchment. Repeat to cover all the piles. Towards the end, you may need to dribble any naked bits the chocolate hasn't covered with the chocolate left over in the bowl.

Allow to set, then temper the white chocolate. Dip a balloon whisk into the white chocolate and drizzle it all over the clusters. Enjoy!

Recipe taken from Miss Hope's Chocolate Box (12,99, Ebury Press, available from all good bookshops).

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